Jacob Marek


I've spent most of the last 10 years in the travel marketing industry, helping tour operators, government tourism boards, and associations create and execute effective marketing campaigns.

Yet my passion lies with small travel business entrepreneurs. I love helping fellow travel professionals learn about modern marketing principles and using them to build a successful business and feel empowered in the digital age.

In fact, I am so passionate about the opportunities that exist for small travel agencies that I even started my own! I founded IntroverTravels in the summer of 2016 as a way to pursue another creative avenue, and I enjoy pulling back the curtains in my own business to share my own experiences in entrepreneurship with you!

In addition to 45 Degrees Marketing and IntroverTravels, I am also the co-founder of Travel Agent Awareness, a community of nearly 2,500 travel professionals where I share free marketing advice, encourage other entrepreneurs, and help travel professionals build better businesses in order show the world the we still exist. 

Onward and upward to you and your business...

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PS: If you're wondering how we can work together or would like to discuss a project, please visit my Services page or Contact Me here.