Newsletters: Beyond the Basics

I chose newsletters for my first blog post/Marketing Minute video series (one minute of useful marketing advice for your travel business) because I think it’s one of the things that so many agencies struggle with.  Whether the challenge is in finding unique content, writing in a compelling way, or simply getting it out on a regular schedule (I recommend weekly or bi-weekly; monthly at bare minimum).

I think it’s pretty common knowledge what to include in your newsletter:

  • Destination information that positions yourself as a travel expert

  • New itineraries or special offers

  • Unique ideas or insider tips that your clients wouldn’t otherwise know about

But I find that a lot of people struggle with finding the right words to get their message across.  In an industry as tactile and experiential as the travel industry, I challenge ourselves to improve our marketing communications by painting the picture for our clients.

In this week’s Marketing Minute video, I also wanted to elaborate a bit on the calls-to-action and tracking of your newsletters.

This week's edition of the 45 Degrees "Marketing Minute," where I give tips on improving your newsletters.

You need to be including some sort of call-to-action, something that you have people actually do. “Click here” or “watch this” are examples of calls-to-action.  Give your readers something to really sink their teeth into; give them a reason to trust that it’ll be worth their time to check it out.

Tracking is also a really important thing you need to do with your newsletters.  You want to look at things like times that people are reading your emails, whether they are opening them up on desktop computers or their mobile devices, and how your newsletter actually appears on different mobile devices (known as “responsive” design).  Other important stats to know include open rates, click-through rates, campaign tags (meant to differentiate between different newsletters), and a few others.  MailChimp, Google Analytics, and other methods provide a pretty seamless overview of the stats.

So, that’s the first blog post and Marketing Minute -- I’ll be keeping both the blog and videos in-sync with each other going forward, using this blog to elaborate a bit on points I didn't have time to address in the Marketing Minute.

If you have any topics you’d like me to address in future blog posts, leave a comment here or send an email to  Maybe there’s something you’ve been struggling with or a question you might not know the answer to.

And to plug my own services, I am offering five new clients 25% off all marketing services as I build the portfolio, and I do still have two spots available.  If you’re considering revamping your newsletters or are simply curious about how I could help, I hope you get in touch (you can email or call me at 305.517.7800).

Until next week…


Marketing Minute, Episode 1: Newsletters

Welcome to the Marketing Minute, where I provide you with one minute of useful marketing advice for your travel business!  

To give you some background, this will be a weekly series, published on Fridays.  They are intended to give you a nugget of advice that you can implement right away to help improve your business.  I encourage a dialogue, so feel free to leave a comment or send me an email!

So here's your first Marketing Minute, where I talk about an important topic that can be a cornerstone of your marketing efforts: newsletters!  Enjoy, my friends:

Also, if there's a topic that is challenging you or keeping you up at night, leave a comment or get in touch, and I'll be sure to add it into a future episode!